Willa Jean (Warehouse District, New Orleans, LA)

I’ve been eyeing this restaurant since it started building in the up and coming area near the Downtown Rouse’s and Blaze Pizza (click here for review). When I found out it was a Besh Restaurant Group (BRG) project, I definitely had to try it! Every restaurant within the BRG has been a success and has been on par from service to food. What I love, is that every restaurant is different from the last.



Ambiance and Decor.



Willa’s Juice. Botanist Gin. St. Germain. Pema. Blueberries. Nola Blonde Ale. 



Crostini Party. Boudin. Salmon. Beet. Avocado.



Lisa’s Cornbread. Pourier’s cane syrup.



Hot buttered Crab Roll. Garlic. Pickled Red Onion. Toasted soft bun with chips.



Louisiana Shrimp Bisque. Brandy Cream. 



Cookies & Cream. Edible Cookie Dough. Vanilla Milk.


Even though Willa Jean is a bakery/restaurant, it has more of a restaurant feel but you can definitely stop in for some pastries. I would recommend the blueberry muffin. It’s different and refreshing. I love the added ginger which adds an extra layer of subtle flavor.

As for the dining experience, service was friendly and everything flowed so smoothly. I started with the Willa’s Juice Cocktail, which was a fruity gin type drink. The Crostini Party was a fun appetizer to share between two people but no more because it’s difficult to split the different crostinis (I’ve tried it.). The four crostinis that came out were: the Salmon, Boudin, Beet, and Avocado (most fav to least fav, but they were all really good). Next, we ordered the cornbread, which I can never say “No” to, but if I had to cut anything out it would be the cornbread because we over-ordered. The Shrimp Bisque was solid, but wasn’t the most memorable dish of the night. My favorite dish was the Crab Roll. Who doesn’t like “hot butter” and “fresh crab”? Everything was so perfect about this roll and we don’t have anything like it in the area, but if we did, this roll would be hard to beat.

Lastly, we had the Cookies & Cream. This was definitely NOT your typical cookies-n-cream. What’s unique is the  Vanilla Milk that they serve with the Cookies, which I felt was a dessert on its own.

Must haves: Crab Roll, Cookies and Cream dessert

If you’re looking for a great laid back place to eat, Willa Jean is a must-try. With the variety of breakfast pastries in combination of lunch and dinner menus, it’s a great place for all around good food.



Rating: 5/5 spoons
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Lady M (Upper East Side, New York, New York)

I first found out about this cake/dessert place when I had a great feast of food at Ippudo (click for review) in East Village. It was one of favorites of all the desserts at Ippudo and I had to try it from the original location. Lady M is a tiny cake boutique, but has such a high demand that there’s a line out of the door. One line is for to-go orders and one line is for dining in. If you’re ordering a whole cake, I would call and order in advance because you can just skip the line.  If you’d rather take your cake somewhere else, this is the perfect location because Bryant Park is right across the street. My sister-in-law and I waited no longer than 10 minutes in the dine-in line, but I won’t guarantee that will be the same for everyone.






Green Tea Mille Crepe Cake and Jasmine Tea.

We ordered the Jasmine tea and the Green Tea Crepe Cake. The Jasmine tea complimented the creamy and delicate crepiness of the cake so well. I don’t know how they do it all so perfectly, but it’s impeccable! I love it. If you’re in the area and looking for dessert, you have to try their Mille Crepe Cakes. There are different flavors too!



Rating: 5/5 spoons
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Joe Shanghai (Midtown West, New York, New York)

Years ago, I went to Joe Shanghai, the Chinatown location, and experienced my very first soup dumpling. Since then, I’ve almost become somewhat of a soup dumpling connoisseur. I’ve enjoyed decadent and extravagant dumplings from across the U.S. (Yank Sing). I’ve had soup dumplings similar to Joe Shanghai’s too, but nothing compares to that first experience…that chewy bite bursting with a delicious and savory broth.


Pork Dumplings. 



Crab & Pork Dumplings. 



Snow Pea tips. 


It’s been at least 10 years since my first and only time to Joe Shanghai and now I’m back. I’ve decided to try the newer location in Midtown, New York. It’s definitely cleaner and friendlier! My sister-in-law and I wanted a little tasting or mid-day snack and ordered the Pork dumplings and the Crab & Pork dumplings. Our server said his favorite had to be the Crab & Pork and I’d have to agree! The Pork seemed to be on the saltier side. The Crab & Pork was light, delicate and perfectly seasoned. Someone was  a little heavy-handed on the regular Pork dumplings that day, but it was still tasty. I always like a little veg with any meal so I ordered the Snow Pea Tips, which was perfect!

There are definitely other options when it comes to soup dumplings, but I’ll always love Joe Shanghai’s for that first bite!



Rating: 4/5 spoons
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Bibble & Sip (Midtown West, New York, New York)

I just made it into New  York and wanted to meet up my sister-in-law as she got off of work around the corner. We stopped by Bibble & Sip, her local coffee and snack joint. The coffee is delicious! My usual is the Americano, but the most amazing little treat was the Earl Grey cream puff. I love Earl Grey desserts! This cream puff is lightly crispy on the inside and the earl grey cream was cold, refreshing, and fragrant. I loved it. There’s nothing to NOT like so just try it!

Note: The coffee places super small so it’s not the best place to study or sit for a while. It’s best for on-the-go or a quick snack.



spoon spoon spoon spoon spoon

Rating: 5/5 spoons
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Joe’s Cafe (Causeway, Metairie, LA)

After a late night my friends and I were STARVING. We stopped by Joe’s Cafe in Metairie for some food. I’m always pretty skeptical about late night food and how much love and care is put into it (especially at 3:30AM on a weekend). I was SO surprised. The presentation was good and the food was delicious! I really loved the Fried Pork Chop and I couldn’t get over the butteriness and crispiness of that biscuit. Next time you’re searching for late night bites, try Joe’s Cafe. The cashier and girl working the kitchen that night were super friendly!



Fried Pork Chop. Biscuit. 2 fried eggs. Hash brown.



Country Breakfast: Eggs. Sausage. Biscuit. Hashbrowns.



Rating: 5/5 spoons

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