Wayfare (Uptown, New Orleans, LA)

Wayfare is nice and swanky little sandwich located on the up and poppin’ Freret Street, not too far from The Company Burger. I’ve been here twice, once for a girl’s lunch and once for takeout.


Bruschetta. Hummus with Red and Gold Beets. Blue Cheese & Honey. Tomato Confit.



Porchetta. Pork loin wrapped in Kurobuta pork belly. Carmelized Onions. Salsa Verde. Arugula. Fennel aioli. Hoagie.



Kurobuta Mac & Cheese. 



The Reuben. Corned beef. Sauerkraut. Swiss Cheese. “2k” Island Dressing on rye.



The Wayfare. Fresh house-cut mozzarella. Grape tomato. Kalamata olives. Orange segments. Romaine. Red Wine Vinaigrette. Blood orange infused olive oil.



Pulled Chicken Dijon. Basil puree. Dijon Vinaigrette. Tomato Confit. Kalamata olives. Diced house-made bread. Butter Pickles. Arugula. Shaved red onion. Dijon mustard on sesame seed kaiser roll.


The restaurant isn’t quite hidden, but the sign is hard to find and I’ve almost missed it twice. I went to lunch with my friend on a Wednesday afternoon and there were plenty of tables. There’s a daily menu so some menu items may change daily.

The bruschettas: The Hummus with Red and Gold Beets and Blue Cheese & Honey were my favorite. There wasn’t anything special with the Tomato Confit.

The Porchetta sandwich was sooo good. My friend is still speaking of it til this day. We shared it, but I think I could’ve definitely eaten the whole thing. It was filled with moist, savory pork with a slightly crisped hoagie bun. The only downside was the chips, which were burnt tasting and unsalted (or not enough salt) and I found that to be the same at the restaurant and when I ordered takeout.

The Mac & Cheese was super cheesy and perfectly textured. They use the Cavatappi macaroni…the elongated macaroni noodle. The pasta was perfectly al dente and cheesy, just the way I like it.

When we ordered takeout, the Reuben was so delicious. It was still slightly crispy on the outside even by the time I got home. The Pulled Chicken Dijon had good flavor, however, was a bit dry and I actually took off one of the buns and created my own open-faced sandwich, because the bread was a bit overwhelming.

Wayfare is a little taste of everything. They have great appetizers and a solid selection of our favorite sandwiches. Their drinks were pretty good too! If you’re looking for a great after work hangout or daytime deli, Wayfare is the place!


Rating: 4/5 spoons
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Doris Metropolitan (French Quarter, New Orleans)

During my birth”month” (it’s an all month thing..a day just doesn’t do it!), I was craving steak. I craved steak so much that I went to 3 different restaurants that week! One of them was Doris Metropolitan, who specializes in meats and even offers butchering services from their fine selection of beef that are dry-aged for at least 21 days.



Bar seating. 



Bread Foccacia White Spongebread. White Sourdough. Butters: White Truffle Oil, Wasabi, and Saffron.



Sweetbreads. Demi-glace. Roasted poblano yogurt sphere. Pearl Onion. Truffle Oil.



Endive Salad. Fennel. Carrots. Shallots. Walnuts. Asparagus. Gorgonzola. Balsamic Pearls. Black Garlic. Ginger Vinaigrette.



34 oz Porterhouse. 





Truffle Fries. 



Foie Gras. 



Chocolate Semifreddo. 


The restaurant has a very clean, modern look. There’s a mixed crowd of businessmen, couples, and large groups, which was refreshing because some restaurants tend to attract a certain demographic, but there was a good mix of everyone.

The food:

1. The Sweetbreads were large, tender, and juicy. I do wish there was a light crisp on the outside, but overall the sauce was sweet yet savory.

2. The Endive Salad had many components and the endives were perfect for scooping like a dip. Not very lady-like, but it works!

3. The 34 oz Porterhouse steak is perfect for sharing. I love that you get some tenderloin on one side of the bone and strip steak on the other side. Not to mention the perfectly cooked med-rare steak. One disappointment had to be when I requested more truffle butter that came with our bread plate to eat with my steak, the waiter decided to suggest foie gras instead without mentioning the $25 upcharge. And after eating the foie gras, I still wished I had the truffle butter instead. OK, it’s not the healthiest dipping for steak, but it was so good!

4. The truffle fries were delicious! Perfectly thinly cut fries with just enough truffle oil. I hate how some places claim to have “truffle fries” but they have not a bit of truffle oil.

5. Chocolate Semifreddo was delicious, but I found it a little too dainty for my taste. I prefer a simple dessert that I can take a bite and and just feel like I had a piece of heaven.

Great job on creativity, but I will say that as delicious and juicy the steak was I didn’t find it “special” or worth $82 considering it was mostly a big chunk of bone. The appetizer dishes balanced the meal very well and I loved the small touches of molecular gastronomic “pearls” in many of the appetizer dishes. Overall, it was an enjoyable birthday meal with good service, but the price is definitely a little steep.


Rating: 4/5 spoons
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Five Guys (Elmwood, New Orleans, LA)










Seasoned Fries. 


I’m a burger girl. There’s not a single day that I don’t crave a burger. Thank goodness for Five Guys, but I just wish they were a little closer to home for me.

Five Guy’s burgers are mid-size burgers with homemade patties. The beef patty is on the thinner size and they don’t typically offer a temp here (medium, well-done, etc.) but that’s quite okay!  I order the double patty, because a single patty just never seems to fill me.When I think “burger”, I think of a hearty-sized bite and the mess that comes afterwards. Ketchup dripping. Pickles falling and that delicious conglomeration of different condiments, toppings, and that juicy beef in every bite… (This is probably the worst thing to post during Lent!) I’ve had cleaner, more organized burgers, but they never seem to satiate that craving, especially after a long day at work. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a cute, dainty burger (like Smashburger). Those are great, but if you’re craving a hearty and wholesome burger, Five Guys has it! The service is awesome and they serve quickly.

spoonspoonspoonspoon spoon point 5

Rating: 4.5/5


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GW Fins (French Quarter, New Orleans, LA)

GW Fins is easily one of the top 10 restaurants in New Orleans. It’s classic French meets sophisticated Cajun and even has a hint of Asian influences. Despite it’s location right off of Bourbon St. , it’s far from being a tourist trap…


Delicious GW Fins biscuits. They’re tiny and about 2″ wide and so delicious..




Shrimp Remoulade. Chilled Louisiana shrimp. Roasted Red Peppers. Fried Green tomato.



Blue Crab Potstickers. Country Ham. Creamy Pea Shoot Butter.




Barbeque Shrimp. Deglazed with Abita Amber. Crispy spoonbread.



Lobster Dumplings. Fennel. Tomato concasse. Lobster butter.



Fish and Etouffee. Special of the day.


Although everything was super delicious, as usual, the most notable thing here has to be the bite-sized, sweet, buttery biscuits. As for the menu, Chef Tenney Flynn consistently puts out classic French-Cajun seafood dishes. Each of his dishes consist of fresh seafood and the menu changes every day depending on availability and what’s in season. I’m a creature of habit and I use to ALWAYS order his Diver Sea Scallops and Mushroom risotto. It’s delicious! The scallops are extra large and juicy and the risotto is permeating with flavor. More recently, I’ve been loving the change-up and have been loving the Lobster Dumplings and Blue Crab Potstickers, which are appetizers that are almost always on the menu. The Shrimp Remoulade was so fresh! The Fish of the Day with etouffee was a bit bland, but the etouffee was flavorful and balanced the fish well. I would have preferred a dash more flavor/salt, but I believe this dish would be perfect for Northern or Western palates who aren’t used to the *bang* or saltiness that we are adapted to down South.

G.W. Fins is among my top ten favorite restaurants in the city. I would recommend G.W. Fins to anyone visiting New Orleans. It’s perfect for the seafood lover, but there are a couple poultry or beef dishes for non-seafood eaters (Sorry vegetarians/vegans, this isn’t the best city to visit. It’s not very accommodating for your diets, but they are some out there!) . The food and atmosphere is a perfect mesh of fine dining meets New Orleans casual, which is why I love this place. It’s upscale dining without being too fancy schmancy!


spoonspoonspoonspoon spoon point 5

Rating: 4.5/5 spoons
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Philz Coffee (SF Bay Area, CA)

Philz Coffee was on top of my list as a must visit spot in San Francisco. Everyone I know was raving about their Mint Mojito Coffees so I had to try it for myself…



Bean selection. 



Hot Mint Mojito Coffee.




I’m a dark, black coffee kinda girl, but every now and then, I like a little change up. The mint mojito coffee was refreshing and I enjoyed the fresh mint that they use. The hot one was perfect for this cold day wandering around San Francisco! I’d love to try to the Iced Mint Mojito next time. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try any other coffees, but I’ll be back. I hear the Tesora is pretty good too! As you can tell, they have quite a large variety of beans and I’m looking forward to trying them when I’m back in SF!



Rating: 4/5 spoons
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