Phoenicia’s Restaurant (Metairie, LA)


Meat Pie. Minced meat. Onions. Pine nuts. Spices. Phyllo dough.





Lamb Kabob. Marinated lamb. Choice of two sides: hummus, rice.


Phoenicia seems to be a very established Mediteranean restaurant in Metairie in the adjacent strip mall where Houston’s of Metairie used to be. I went on a Thursday night and I was the only person there until my friend arrived. That would make anyone feel a little uneasy, but the service was great and the food was good. Maybe Thursdays are just a slow night. I ordered the meat pie as a small appetizer. It’s baked, not fried, which is a plus, but I wished there was more meat and maybe more of a kick in flavor . The tabbouleh was to be expected. For my entree, both my friend and I ordered the lamb kabobs. Surprisingly, they were flavorful and juicy chunks of lamb as opposed to the ground lamb concoction that you usually get at some Mediterranean joints. Legit! I chose hummus as my side, because I love making my own little pita/hummus/lamb sandwiches.

I didn’t order much, but from what I saw, it was a good reflection of the quality that Phoenicia dishes out. My friend and I enjoyed our lamb dishes so much, we both ordered some to-go for our hubbies. Next time I’m in Metairie and have that craving, I’ll know where to go!


spoonspoonspoon spoon point 5

Rating: 3.5/5 stars (I debated between 3.5 and 4 stars, but ended up taking down .5 since I just wish the small dishes had a little more umph.)


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Bangkok Thai (Carrollton, New Orleans, LA)

There’s definitely a lack of good Thai food in this city and I feel like I’ve come pretty close to finding something good. We went on a late weekday afternoon and it was surprisingly empty. Initially, not a good sign, but we figured it was later in the afternoon and lots of people had already had their lunch.  Our waitress was sweet and helpful, but there was a slight language barrier.



Thai Tea. 



Level 3 Pad Thai with Chicken and Shrimp. 



Green Curry. Coconut Milk. Bell Peppers. Thai Basil. Eggplant. Onions.



Param Vegetables. Stir fried vegetables topped with Peanut Sauce.


We ordered a Pad Thai with spice level 3. We tend to eat a little spicier and that was the perfect amount. We also ordered the green curry with spice level 3 also and it was even spicier since green curries tend to already be spicy. I’ve noticed that Thai restaurants in this area lack a selection of fresh, stir fry vegetables like Ong Choy or Bok Choy. Sometimes, I just want a big plate of veggies to go with my curry and pad thai, but there must be a lack of asian produce so I rarely see anything like that. Instead, we ordered the Param vegetables, which were just a mix of broccoli, carrots, baby corn, and mushrooms topped with a peanut sauce. That was surprisingly pretty good.

Overall, I’ve definitely had more wholesome and authentic Thai food in other states, but this seems to be the best in the city that I’ve tried so far. If you’re craving Thai food, Bangkok Thai will not disappoint. I got my Thai fix and was definitely satisfied!


spoonspoonspoon spoon point 5

Rating: 3.5/5
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Mochi Cream (Mitsuwa Shopping, Torrance, CA)

My cousin treated us to desserts from Mochi Cream after eating at Santouka (click here for review) at the Mitsuwa Shopping Market. At first glance, I thought “Oh yum…Mochis”. I’ve always liked mochi since it has a sweet, chewy texture and filled with either ice cream or cream or both. I was delightfully surprised to find that Mochi Cream has THE best mochis I’ve ever had. Normally, when you eat them in the restaurants, they’re lightly powdery with a sweet, chewy tapioca texture with ice cream on the inside and yeah, that’s great, but these mochis had another level of flavor.



Mochi Cream stand. 



Selection of Mochis. 



Green Tea Mochi. 


There was a sort of paste or powder on the inside, depending on the flavor that you get. Each flavor was almost unique. Some fruity mochis had fresh fruit inside. Some had bits of chocolate. My favorite was the green tea mochi since it was jampacked with green tea matcha flavor. There was matcha on the outside and it even had a powder or a paste coating the cream inside. Other flavors that I tried: Peach Yogurt, Caramel Macchiato, Double Mango.

When you order them, they initially are frozen. You can eat them while they cream is still frozen or you can wait until it’s thawed out. I liked both ways. When it’s frozen, it’s like ice cream encased with a delicious sweetness. When it’s thawed, it’s a soft pillowy dessert that gushes with cream as you bite into it. YUM! I love that Mochi Cream’s mochis all have a uniqueness and authenticity about them. If you’re gonna make dessert, go all out right?

I took these to the Oakland airport with me and flew to New Orleans, LA and they held pretty well. I ate them that night. I wouldn’t let it go any longer since it is a cream product and should be refrigerated.


Rating: 5/5



Saigon Seafood Harbor Restaurant (Sunnyvale, CA)

When I asked the locals for the best dim sum place, Saigon Seafood Harbor is the best around! It’s known for authenticity in food and in service… If you’re familiar with the asian food service industry, you’ll know it’s  subpar at best. There’s an ongoing joke in my family about one time when we requested 3-4 xiu mai trays for our 6+ person table. The waiter replied “Later! Later!” because they wanted to accommodate other tables also so we could only have one. Never in the history of my restaurant going have I ever been so blatantly ignored. Since then, we’ve learned that going really early in the morning or at slower hours of the day, you’ll get better service and as many orders of xiu mais your little heart desires.



Entrance of the Sunnyvale location. 




Tofu Skin.




Xiu Mai. 




Har Gow. Shrimp dumplings.




Cai Lan. Chinese broccoli.




Roasted Duck. 


My favorites are the xiu mai, tofu skin, taro puff, xiu mai rice noodles, and cai lan. These are my usual must-haves when I order dim sum. We also ordered the Roasted Duck and that was delicious. It was seasoned perfectly and had a nice crispy skin. If you’re looking for dim sum in the area, I would highly recommend Saigon Harbor Seafood Restaurant. Just be sure to avoid primetime hours for quicker and more polite service!


Rating: 4/5
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